Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Free Download v5.0 Professional

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery 
v5.0 Professional


Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery is a complete data recovery solution that helps you to search, locate and recover your lost, missing, inaccessible or deleted data.
 Recover deleted files after recycle bin has been emptied 

  • Features:
  • Recover missing and lost logical drives (volumes)
  • Recover formatted hard drives (even after reinstalling operating system)
  • Recover re-partitioned hard drives (even after file system has been changed)
  • Recover lost files and folders• Windows Support: Recover data from Windows Vista, XP, 2003, 2000, 9x. storage media.• advanced Search: Recover files from severly corrupted drives.
  • RAW File Recovery: Recover more than 300 file types in case of severe file system corruption.
  • Enhanced Photo Recovery: Recover RAW camera file formats files.