Tekken 4 game free download - full version game

 Tekken 4 is the fourth and installment in the series of tekken fighting games, The game is much interesting and  with good graphics, Tekken 4 game is developed and published by Namco. This one is more better game then the previous version of tekken " Tekken 3 "
  Tekken 4 is the best game and it's gameplay is just similar to the previous version game, The combos, and other fighting styles are better then the previous version but they are like similar,
         Tekken 4 first time allows players to use wall obstacles arena interacting for more player damage and i think this is the best feature of tekken 4 game, Four characters have their own boss characters i.e  Kazuya and hworang faces jin, heiachi faces kazuya and lee faces combot. The game is much interesting in addition after changing the players they changes their dresses,
   The tekken 4 also have a mini game called tekken force, which is also available in tekken 3 but this is advance game then the previous one, After completing the game tekken 4 fighting levels every gamer should also play tekken force.

System Requirements:                                           
Dual Core 2.8 Ghz
 Ram: 1 GB                                                                                                              
 MbVideo Card: 512
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