Lamp of Aladdin Game Free Download


Take a magic carpet ride in Lamp of Aladdin, and relive the unforgettable adventures of a boy and his genie.

Running to escape his captors, the young Aladdin falls into a cave where he discovers a lamp containing a peculiar genie. Sworn to make any wish come true, the genie is at Aladdin's call who wishes for none other than riches and the hand of the princess. The king, however impressed, will only allow the marriage if Aladdin can pick the fruit from the magical Tree of Life. So Aladdin, along with his faithful genie, now embarks on an adventure beyond belief, through a world of every childhood's imagination. 

Join Aladdin and his genie on this fanciful journey. Challenge over 60 original Match 3 levels across many strange and exciting places including an underwater realm, a secret observatory and an island in the sky. Uncover insidious traps, wild magic and a cast of colorful characters as you search and solve hidden object puzzles. Earn trophies, unlock wallpapers, and download screensavers. Find the Tree of Life and see what other magical fortunes await!